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On Norway

Can we find a reason for the Norwegian tragedy? Northern European societies are considered among the most tolerant worldwide. Newton’s third law of dynamics states that for each action corresponds an equal and opposite reaction. Can we transfer this principle to sociology? The “Christian” terrorist who killed more than 90 people is a product of the tolerant Norwegian society indeed. Is his action the price that Norway paid to be so open and multicultural? I’m not a sociologist and I know that it is easy and dangerous to simplify in social sciences. However, what I believe is that Norway (and all Scandinavian countries) should prevent in the future these events without giving into the blackmail of the violence. That is, without renouncing to principles of tolerance, freedom and open multiculturalism which, maybe, contributed to determine the equal and opposite reaction on Utoeya island and in Oslo’s center.

I apologise if I offended anyone with my trivial analysis – all my solidarity goes to Norwegian people.


Viva l’Italia! (2)

The figure above is taken from the website, a community of economists discussing especially on Italy and EU. On the X axis is per capita GDP, on the Y axis average MPs’ annual salaries in the EU (the currency is Euros).

The “I” outlier stands for Italy. Do you need further comments?

Viva l’Italia!

In Italy, from now on, if you feel you are victim of mobbing or unjust firing from your employer and you want to take him/her/it (big companies) to the labour court, you can by paying EUR233, not refundable (even in case you win the case). I suggest to the Italian government to extend this criterion on trials for  mafia, terrorism, money-laundering, corruption, etc. Probably, in a couple of years time we could get the documented cases of violation of workers’ rights, rackets, etc. to decrease significantly. Eventually, we will get rid of useless judges, courts, and Constitution. Reaching the first realised utopia of a country without crime. Honest people, migrate to our country, to live in harmony in the cradle of Roman law!

Italy is a Democratic Republic, founded on work. Sovereignty belongs to the people and is exercised by the people in the forms and within the limits of the Constitution. (Constitution of The Italian Republic, Art. 1)