Berlusconi’s defeat in local elections – The end of an era?

Belusconi’s empire in Italy seems at its end. In mayors’ elections, his party (PDL) lost a symbol of the Italian right wing, Milan, the Italian economic capital (PM’s home town, too!). The end of an era, maybe. However, nothing can erase the fact that he ruled Italy for almost 2 decades, influencing with his conflict of interest and numerous charges, his verbal violence and his populism. Berlusconi is one among the cause of Italian decadence nowadays, but it was the effect of the of the empty spaces left from politics in the 90s. Now, a new approach is necessary. Politics has to find its lost nobility in Italy (perhaps, not only in Italy), without spirit of revenge or deafness towards opponents’ reasons, though building a dialectic and democratic dialogue, based on shared principles, written in our Constitution.

The Italian vote on: Bloomerg, BBC, CNN, La RepubblicaIl Giornale.


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