A lost occasion?

“The United Nations’ top human rights official called on the US on Tuesday to give the UN details about bin Laden’s killing and said that all counter-terrorism operations must respect international law” (Al Jazeera today)

Did USA – again – and Obama loose the occasion to show the world they are a great country indeed, and to keep the distance from the Bush-Era?


3 responses to “A lost occasion?

  1. It is a very hot and interesting topic all around the world. Google has shown in one day searching engine for Bin Laden has been 1 million percentage increase just in May 1, it is amazing how the world is being connected by social media, meanwhile I can say that I am more terrified by this connection than Mr. Bin Laden…

  2. And now I’ve read in the news Osama’s daughter saying he was captured alive, then killed. It’s too early to draw conclusions yet. In any event, probably you’re right. Had the possibility to get him alive, it would had been better to trial him.

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