To practice (3) – Questionnaire with Ayote (still life)

Interviewing the first household was an enriching experience, from a human and professional point of view. The most interesting responses were given in the vulnerability section: talking about the climates change, the household’s head lamented the Summers are becoming more and more dry, making harvesting very difficult and unforecastable because of “changes in the solar system”. However, sometimes images can say more than any word. Below, the questionnaire with the ayote, a sort of courgette, but bigger and sweeter, which the family gave me as a present.


10 responses to “To practice (3) – Questionnaire with Ayote (still life)

  1. Lucky Antonio! Good beginning means you’ve already win half!
    Looking forward to being updated by your activities (especially problems) ASAP!

  2. Vai Toni….

    lo spirito della ricerca si nutre di piccole cose…..come il contadino si nutre di acqua!

  3. Antonio,

    I really liked your survey. It looks well designed. Keep up the good work!

    Only question I have is you’re the one who’s going to deliver the survey? Or are you getting other people to help you? Also, how did you randomise it?

    I wish you the best of luck!

  4. I’m delivering the survey together with a community officer, who has access to hhs and, more importantly, gained with time their trust. However, I hope with practice we can divide our activity (one per hh). The same, I have to deal with some time constraint issues – there is a trade-off between the data collection timing and the reliability of them. That’s why I’m considering to train some local staff to support me in the process. Unfortunately, I cannot randomize – I have no access to a list of all the hh of the community. Hence, I’ll try to perform a census of the primary school’s hh (47 in total, of whom 27 in the treatment), then as many hh as possible in the rest of the community – possibly with their children enrolled in other primary schools of the area – to expand the potential control (matched with PSM).
    I wish for you all the best, too!

  5. Very good, Antonio! Seriously, this is a great experience.
    What a nice response about the solar system! I mean, this is related to climate change… so, you can include a perceptions section in your final results.
    P.S. Are you riding your white horse to get from one village to another during the survey process?

    • hm….I personally would prefer black horse, How about you Antonio? ^_^

      • I thought about the climate change as well and I want to find the statistics on precipitations here in the last decade. Maybe I could ask to some finca manager. I’ll keep you up-to-date!
        By the way guys, black or white, it is required to be an old quiet experienced horse, perhaps gray?

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