To practice (2) – Like a fly

The household questionnaire is complete, composed by 10 sections:

  1. Households’ composition;
  2. Migration
  3. Physical living standards
  4. Social capital
  5. Health conditions
  6. Economic activity
  7. Consumption and savings
  8. Agriculture and farming
  9. Small Business Program
  10. Vulnerability

A questionnaire should take into account  the context and the research questions.  Also, I tried to plan analytically the interview process and organising quick, meticulous and efficient data collection and input. Finally, a responsible data collection and input allows dealing with ethical issues of privacy, veracity and objectivity and the one-shot nature of the data collection (there is no possibility, in the short run, to come back to the same family to ask questions again).

Now it’s time to take a deep breath, knock the door and entering, like a fly, in the community households’ life. Like a fly, insignificant, hoping they will not see me as a disturbing element, at least not too much.


2 responses to “To practice (2) – Like a fly

  1. Forza Anto!
    We all trust in you!

  2. Be confidence and objective, you have the attitude of handling it professionally and maturely. Also be prepared for the unexpected situation like always. Cheer up Antonio!

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