Buenas del Nicaragua!

Hi everybody! I apologise for my long absence. Not everybody knows I am in Nicaragua! I am in a rural community, La Bastilla, carrying impact evaluation on Teach A Man To Fish projects with high school students and primary school’s parents. I’ll try to updating you all as often as possible (here the communications are difficult), describing the process, asking for suggestions and outing my ideas, doubts, emotions. I hope you’ll enjoy my posts!

A special thought to my friend fellow, Jorge, and his family.

Hasta Luego!


5 responses to “Buenas del Nicaragua!

  1. Felicitaciones, Antonio. Keep us updated!
    I join that special though to our friend Jorge and his family.

  2. Jorge del Perú

    I was waiting for this post Antonio!! Please keep us updated on your endeavors in Nicaragua! Pics are helpful. Estamos contigo Jorge!!

  3. amicoooooooo buona esperienza lì…
    non ti dimenticare di me…
    e ogni tanto se sei connesso fatti sentire….
    ti bacio…
    ho dato un’occhiata al tuo blog….ma quanto è intelligente l’amico mio…. 🙂

  4. looking forward to be updated by you!
    we are all with Jorge!

  5. Grande Toni…

    buona america centrale e butta l’occhio for future joint venture…mi vorrei dare all’evaluation anche io…ci mettiamo in società?hihihihih
    un abbraccione

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