Rodrik on Egypt, Tunisia and China

Suggested by my friend and blogger Edgar Salgado, an article by Dani Rodrik, The Poverty of Dictatorship, on the events in Tunisia and Egypt. How do they relate with the situation in China? I believe that a direct parallelism is hard to do – Rodrik states clearly that – but social scientists cannot hold to play forecasting the future…By the way, it seems to me China is more dynamic than its reputation suggests. I have studied in UK and met Chinese students that are coming back to their much loved country, to contribute to change it, just like I would like to change in better my Italy. I warmly welcome comments by Chinese fellows, please tell me I’m getting it wrong…


One response to “Rodrik on Egypt, Tunisia and China

  1. At the beginning, it was a painful LOVE to my motherland – China, over time this painful LOVE becomes a critical LOVE which turns out to be more positive and useful than the former one….

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