Middle East crisis…a signal for China?

What are the popular revolutions in the Arab World teaching the elites of the world? I would say, that people cannot live forever in chains, without seeing hope for the future (a guts answer). Also, that in economic crisis times autocratic regimes are under high threat of rebellion, and that the opportunity cost of the revolt lowers significantly during downturns (a kind of economic answer). Scholars did not forecast the overturning current events (Mariz Tadros on IDS’ blog). A key-question now is “Who’s next?”. In China the Arab crisis did not find a lot of space on the media, not surprisingly (The Economist). Moreover, China is growing and people’s living standards are improving impressively. However, I believe that Chinese political elites are observing at the Arab revolutions with an interested eye…how should they react when China entered in a descending economic phase – with richer and more educated citizens?


4 responses to “Middle East crisis…a signal for China?

  1. Actually, they have been reacting all the way with a typical Chinese style – may be understood by western as a less democratic path of preventing the economic system entering crisis – which is crisis and opportunities are “twin brothers”, the point is you have to keep in mind to make friend with both of them.

  2. Rodrik points out something similar:
    “But Egypt and Tunisia have just sent a sobering message to China and other authoritarian regimes around the world: don’t count on economic progress to keep you in power forever.”

    here: http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/rodrik53/English

  3. Thank you Edgar, I have posted a comment on Rodrik’s article

  4. Great, Antonio! Keep posting!

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